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Fun, friendship and new adventures! Since 2005, that's what the Serenity Knights guild, on the World of Warcraft Bronzebeard server, has been all about. We are an adults-only guild, with an active raiding core that intends to see as much content as Blizzard makes available.

What kind of players are in our ranks? Old-schoolers who've been around since Vanilla and The Burning Crusade, retired hardcore raiders, Wrath babies who graduated from the hard knocks of Cataclysm, up-and-comers eager to learn, contented casuals, and more.

The Serenity Knights are a haven from drama and conflict, where members can enjoy World of Warcraft. We keep coming back to this game for this guild: it's just full of good people.

We're taking a break while the expansion winds down, but if you'd like to join us for Legion, click here to apply now!

All the best,

SK Mentors Council

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Legion: Licensed to Illidan

by Aedilhild, 11 days ago

Hello, everybody! Remember World of Warcraft, that game most of us used to play?

It's been a spell, but Legion's launch on August 30 is a mere 2½ months away, and today's announcement of the PTR starting up for Patch 7.0 means a freshly redesigned game and impending pre-expansion event will arrive in a matter of weeks.

The leadership of Serenity Knights plans to continue raiding as we have before. I'm going to detail a change to our tradition — one that we're excited gives us the best of what members want. I'll also give a very brief summary of what Legion brings, invite you to let us know how you plan to contribute to our core activities, and finally open the floor to questions and comments.

The change. Our objective is "More Raiding, Smaller Footprint."

We're changing our official raiding schedule to the following:

    • Wednesday nights, 8:00-11:00 PM Eastern (5:00-8:00 PM Server)
    • Sunday evenings, 7:00-9:30 PM Eastern (4:00-6:30 PM Server)

We're increasing the amount of time we officially spend on progression content with DKP rewards, while reducing the workweek impact. We want Serenity Knights to focus hard on raiding during strictly set times, and then allow each of us to enjoy the rest of the week playing WoW how we want to.

I expect most of you to recognize, and many of you to agree with our reasons. First, over the last two expansions we've shifted from two raiding nights to two plus a kinda-should-go third, resulting in three weeknights booked for many of us. Second, raiding is intense, and even two late work nights for a mature and professional group like ours take their toll, to say nothing of three. Thursdays could really be rough. Lastly, 90 additional minutes means almost another raid's worth of time spent working on encounters. Remember those nights when we knew 20 more minutes would get us that kill? On second thought, don't remind me. But now we have that time, and on two nights separated enough to let us decompress. I'm pumped about this.

Legion. Demons. More importantly, activities!

I'll leave it to Blizzard to fully market its game. But for many of us who struggled with Warlords of Draenor, there are some nice features in Legion, including:

    • Three raid tiers, and "at least" three content patches
    • Varied daily-style quests focused on activity in the world
    • Renewed support for farming, crafting and professions in general
    • "Mythic+" dungeons featuring a semi-parallel progression path to raids
    • Permanent-memory, account-wide transmogrification
    • PvP talents separate from PvE, and using a "prestige"-style system
    • Artifact weapons with old-style talent trees
    • New class! Demon hunters. Wow, what a surprise

What are you going to play?

I've set up a poll. To help guide your choices, consider the following:

Tanks are a very short shortlist. It's very likely Serenity Knights already has regularly attending tanks with years of experience ready to raid with us. That's why I did not include a tank/offspec choice. Although tank offspecs are extremely valuable — I run one myself! — I highly recommend anyone who hasn't tanked for our official runs prepare to play DPS or healer first.

DPS/healer combos are wonderful. If you love to do both and do both well, it makes life much easier for us.

Artifact weapon unlocking may occasionally be a hindrance to dual-spec. We'll have to see how it all shakes out, but don't be surprised if a second artifact is behind your main spec's. Then again, we've all dealt with gear gaps.

Ready to play?

I won't lie: I've enjoyed my vacation! But I'm about ready to get back into Azeroth. The best thing I've heard in a long time was Peg telling me how excited he was. We'll see all of you soon!

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