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Serenity Knights


Fun, friendship and new adventures! That's what the Serenity Knights guild, on the World of Warcraft Bronzebeard server, is all about. We are an adults-only raiding, PvP and social guild, with an active raiding core that intends to see every bit of content that Blizzard makes available.

What kind of players are in our ranks? Old-schoolers who've been around since Vanilla and The Burning Crusade, retired hardcore raiders, Wrath babies who graduated from the hard knocks of Cataclysm, up-and-comers eager to learn, contented casuals, and more.

The Serenity Knights are a haven from drama and conflict, where members can enjoy World of Warcraft. We keep coming back to this game for this guild: it's just full of good people.

If you're interested in joining us for Warlords of Draenor, click here to apply now!

All the best,

SK Mentors Council

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A Timely Demise

by Aedilhild, 6 days ago

Forum Image

Mannoroth, Purveyor of Wickedness, Adjutant to Slaughter, Endorser of Economy-Size Moisturizer for Bodily Reconstitution, felled in one try after a solid night-before of work. Which is convenient, because . . .

Forum Image

This guy took a teensy bit too long. (So, why not put Zakuun in front of the Black Gate?)

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Flee from Us, Keepers of Gloom

by Aedilhild, 25 days ago

It hasn't been easy, nor always perfectly fun, but that's raiding for you. And here we are — nearly complete with Hellfire Citadel normal and heroic!

Forum Image

We targeted, called, healed, and teamed up just right.

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Proof that there is a certain value to going nowhere but back and forth.

Forum Image

A study in chromatic contrasts, and blowing up targets that aren't friendly.

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