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Fun, friendship and new adventures! Since 2005, that's what the Serenity Knights guild, on the World of Warcraft Bronzebeard server, has been all about. We are an adults-only guild, with an active raiding core that intends to see as much content as Blizzard makes available.

What kind of players are in our ranks? Old-schoolers who've been around since Vanilla and The Burning Crusade, retired hardcore raiders, Wrath babies who graduated from the hard knocks of Cataclysm, up-and-comers eager to learn, contented casuals, and more.

The Serenity Knights are a haven from drama and conflict, where members can enjoy World of Warcraft. We keep coming back to this game for this guild: it's just full of good people.

We're taking a break while the expansion winds down, but if you'd like to join us for Legion, click here to apply now!

All the best,

SK Mentors Council

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Heroic Start to Legion

by Kiriia, 3 days ago

Serenity Knights first step into the Emerald Nightmare. We decided to go big and downed Heroic Nythendra.
Our epic mistake...not logging out before splitting loot. We were probably first on the server, until that.....


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Legion Raiding Requirements

by Kiriia, 6 days ago

Serenity Knights Raid Requirements for first raid on Wed. Sept. 21st 2016 at 5 server! (NOTE THE TIME CHANGE)
Raid will last 3 hours. Please don't sign up if you are unable to stay for the full raid duration.

In order to be seated for this raid you must do the following:

    Be ilvl 840
    Sign up for the raid
    Be ready for invites and online 15 min prior to the raid.
    Have all required addons downloaded prior to raid.
    Have Ventrilo downloaded and set up prior to raid.
    Come prepared with all sockets gemmed **
    All gear enchanted (enchanters in the guild Leesa, and shadowthrex)**
    You must have flasks (There are some in the guild bank- also we have Kiria, Rez and Frankenstork who can craft them for you.) We may be providing them via cauldron in future raids...but needed for this one.
    Runes **
    Buff food- 375 type **
    **For at least the first week of raids, maybe longer, We will waive the needed enchants, gems and buff food. Lower level versions will be accepted. (However, higher level ones are preferred if available to you.) Runes will not be required for first two weeks. Current flasks are required, there are some in the guild bank if you can't buy one, have one made...

The following addons are required (NOTE that there are NEW ONES!)

The new bonus roll currency is [ Seal of Broken Fate ] , which can be purchased from Archmage Lan'dalock in Dalaran for Gold or [Order Resources]. The hard cap is 10. He will be available this Tuesday we think. His location is 57, 67 in Dalaran which is near the Violet Hold Instance (Where the old raid quest givers use to be in old Dalaran)
Gold: 1000, 2000, 4000
Order Resources: 1000, 2000, 4000

You may want to preview and see what gear (especially relics) you will want to roll on in advance. Here is one resource for that: http://www.wowhead.com/guides/classes/name:gear

http://www.ventrilo.com/ To set up vent. Log in info for Ventrilo is in the guild notes!

Please do some research on the fights. We are starting with Normal but read normal and heroic descriptions. There are not a ton of videos out there but there are several excellent written guides that cover all of the Emerald Nightmare fights.

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