Serenity Knights Guild Charter

I. Purpose

Serenity Knights is a World of Warcraft guild on the realm Bronzebeard dedicated to "fun, friendship, and new adventures."

It provides a friendly and positive environment for players to enjoy raiding, player-versus-player, questing, and other in-game activities.

II. Leadership

Mentor Council: The guild is led by a Mentor Council of five members distinguished by maturity, game knowledge, spirit of service, generosity, leadership, helpfulness, intelligence, listening skills, integrity, and love of the game.

Mentors are appointed by current members of the Mentor Council.

Mentors determine, execute and delegate all guild policy; represent the guild in-game and online; invite, promote, demote and remove members; oversee the resolution of disagreements; and manage guild resources as needed to further the goals of the guild.

Officer Corps: The Mentor Council is assisted by members committed to the guild who possess any combination of game knowledge, mastery of character classes, tactical and strategic leadership, or interpersonal insight.

Officers are appointed by unanimous vote of the Mentor Council.

Officers oversee the conduct, capabilities and performance of members in specific character classes or gameplay roles; judge levels of fitness for progression raiding; and are included in discussions of policy as required by mentors. Officers also allow members to bring alternate characters into the guild, and generally enforce guild policy when mentors are not online.

Raid Leaders: Progression raiding is  scheduled, assembled and directed to success by one or more members.

Raid Leaders are appointed by the Mentor Council, with consent and advice from officers.

III. Membership and Ranks

Recruitment and Trial: Players age 18 or older may apply to join Serenity Knights. Officers and mentors review applications and accept or reject candidates after reasonable evaluation. Applications from former members require a majority vote of the Mentor Council for consideration.

Accepted applicants assume the rank of Pledge and enter a 3-week trial period during which guild members assess their behavior, attitude and interest in becoming a member. Recruits approved for progression raiding may participate with full rights to rewards.

After three weeks, members decide by ballot to induct the recruit or remove the recruit from the guild. A plurality of votes against results in removal. Five or more votes against result in a review by the Mentor Council, which will determine whether to induct or remove. A sufficient number of abstentions results in a second ballot scheduled at a time determined by the Mentor Council. Absence during a prolonged trial period may result in removal.

Knight and Knight Lite: Raiding members with authenticators hold the rank of Knight. Raiding members without authenticators hold the rank of Knight Lite, and have restricted access to the guild bank.

Fitness for raiding is determined by officers, with advice and consent from raid leaders.

Squire and Mercenary: Non-raiding members with authenticators hold the rank of Squire. Non-raiding members without authenticators hold the rank of Mercenary, and have restricted access to the guild bank. Alt characters for raiding members with authenticators hold the rank of Squire. Alt characters for raiding members without authenticators hold the rank of Mercenary.

IV. Conduct

To maintain good standing in the guild, members shall not engage in the following:

  • Rudeness or disrespect to guild members

  • Disrespect to other players, including chat channel profanity

  • Disregard for loot etiquette, including "ninja" looting

  • Play of any non-guild characters to the detriment of the guild

  • Insubordination in a raid or other team activity

  • Botting, gold-selling or account-selling

  • Any other activity against Blizzard's terms of service

Revised 06/30/2016