Serenity Knights uses a modified DKP system to fairly award raiders gear in official progression raids.

Earning DKP

DKP may be earned in official progression raids by members and recruits approved for raiding.

All raiders present for the seating process at raid time receive 1 DKP. All raiders participating in guild-first boss kills receive an additional 1 DKP.

When limited seats are available, raiders with high recent attendance and competitive performance who volunteer or are selected to take the bench receive an additional 1 DKP, for a total of 2 DKP.

Spending DKP and Acquiring Gear

DKP may be spent to acquire gear in official progression raids. It may also be spent to purchase high-value crafting materials or related items from the guild bank.

When two or more raiders desire a single item, DKP totals are compared and the contested item is awarded to the raider with the highest total. Equal DKP totals between raiders are decided by roll-off. Uncontested gear does not require DKP.

Unless otherwise determined, any expenditure of DKP will revert a raider's DKP to zero. Selecting a new main character will revert a raider's DKP to zero. Guild leadership may choose to revert absent raiders' and/or all raiders' DKP to zero.

Bind-on-Equip Gear

Bind-on-Equip items from personal loot trash drops must be donated to the guild bank unless they can be equipped as upgrades for the awarded character.

Guild leadership may choose to make Bind-on-Equip items in the bank available to active raiders, decided by roll-off. Items are awarded in the following order: main character main spec, main character off-spec, alt character main spec, alt character off-spec. Guild members may spend DKP to acquire gear for main characters.

Revised 6/28/15