Permission to Raid

Guild members new or recently returning to raids, as well as recruits joining the guild for the purpose of raiding, must be approved by officers and mentors before participating in a progression run.

Requirements include gemmed, enchanted and optimized content-appropriate gear, as well as a demonstrated ability to perform competently in a raid encounter. Prior experience raiding is strongly desired but not necessary.

Schedule and Signups

Official progression raids are held on:

Wednesdays, 8 PM to 11 PM Eastern (5 PM to 8 PM server)
Sundays, 7 PM to 9:30 PM Eastern (4 PM to 6:30 PM server)

Raid events are posted on the guild calendar. Interested members and recruits are expected to sign up in advance, and to be online at least 10 minutes before a raid to receive their in-game invite.

No-shows will be replaced at the raid leader’s discretion.


Members with high recent attendance and competitive performance will be considered "regular raiders." If there are more regular raiders than seats available, the raid leader will ask for bench-takers from:

  1. Volunteers among the raid in general
  2. Volunteers in specific role/class groups
  3. Roll-offs in specific role/class groups

Regular raiders who are selected to take the bench:

  1. Receive 2 DKP for remaining on standby during the raid
  2. Receive DKP for any guild-first boss kills
  3. Will be seated in raids through the next two weeks
    • The next 5 raids if taking the bench on a Wednesday
    • The next 4 raids if taking the bench on a Thursday

Click to see the current list of bench-takers.

Individuals not qualifying as regular raiders may be seated at the discretion of officers, mentors and the raid leader, but will typically be benched before regular raiders, and receive 1 DKP for arriving on time and remaining on standby during the raid.


Serenity Knights uses a modified DKP system to fairly award raiders gear from official progression raids.

Click here for complete DKP and looting rules.


Raid members are expected to perform at their best, follow directions, and show respect.

The raid leader is responsible for studying encounters and determining the best strategies to defeat them. Working with officers, he will make or delegate assignments for tanking, healing, target orders, positioning and more, and will guide the raid over Ventrilo throughout a pull.

Raid members are encouraged to thoughtfully advance the guild’s progress in an encounter, but to keep communication channels clear, unless specifically requested by the raid leader, raid members should direct questions, observations and opinions to class-specific officers.

Closing Remarks

What separates Serenity Knights from other guilds is our willingness to help members improve and reach their potential.

We frequently group up for activities other than raiding, where members can gear up and hone their skills in a more relaxed environment. It's about building a friendly, fun community every bit as much as a progression team.

Raiding is not the only reason that we play, but it is one of the most enjoyable things we can do to get the most out of the game together. And being together with friends, exploring this game, is why most Serenity Knights pay a subscription every month.

Revised 5/8/16